How we started:

It was a sheer thought of making a passion into a business: as the saying goes, you do what you know best. It was as simple as that. Have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for years and when opportunity arise, we took the chance.

  • The strong sense of accomplishment in the practice of yoga doesn’t seize to mesmerise me.
  • No matter how small the progress, the baby steps, it awards you.
  • I remember the day when I could not even hold a plank pose for 30 seconds and the progress goes day by day. Ultimate bliss. The sense of confidence grow in you and how the world look like a whole new world.

After a hard days’ work, whatever your job, gender, age, race, the ultimate mental and physical well- being is so important in this competitive world. Unwind in your world, take a moment, breath, empty your mind, and indulge in your practice. It is hard to do it by yourself, myself included.

Do it in a group of likeminded and it keeps you going. Remember, there is no competition, no one is watching, it is your own accomplishment, your well-being.

My utopia, I am proud to harbour this message through this studio of quality classes and instructors. Putting the wonderful experiences cultivated from visiting different yoga studios all over the world, I am hoping that you will accomplish the true ‘bliss’ here at yogArt.